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Suicide Awareness & Support | I am here with you.

⚠️ Trigger Warning ⚠️ This contains content about suicidal feelings.

Not being sure of life can be a tricky thing... and leaning into the possibility of ending it can make it even harder...

My first thought of suicide being an option was a long time ago... and my last thought of it as an option I might take was less than 2 months ago...

This does not mean my life has been any better or worse than anyone else's.

This does not mean I am stronger or weaker than anyone else.

This does not mean I am wiser or more naive than anyone else.

This means I understand the feelings of pain, fear and despair to whatever level that meant for me during those times.

This means that taking my own life, actively or through passive ideations, is not an option I might take anymore.

This means that I am committed to showing up for myself today, and every day.

This means that I will stay true to who I am and forever remember to honour me.

This means this post is a reflection of my past, in an expression of vulnerability and as a committment to myself.

The details of what brought me there, through, and here might be shared another day, although the root of it all is likely very similar to yours or someone you know even though our stories are likely very different. I am posting this now, after I've processed a lot of what I've shared and as I continue to as more surfaces. I am well in that regard now, and I hope this brings hope and all that you need it to.

You belong here.

This world needs you to be you.

There is hope.

There is happiness.

Life does get better if you allow it to.

You don't need to do anything right now. You don't need to believe me. I just ask you to be open to see the sunrise one more time. And then come back here and read this again.


Please message me if you are wanting more connection. You are not alone, that I promise you.

If you are wanting to do something...

Please tell yourself that you love you, and tell someone else you love them if you're open to. You can ask someone that loves you to remind you that they do. Please be open to receive it as best as you can too.

Please smile at a stranger, even if it's in the form of art, a memory, or on a screen.

Please smile at yourself.

Please take a look around you and acknowledge the most beautiful thing, or the most neutral thing if beautiful isn't what resonates with you in this moment.

You don't need to be positive, you don't need to feel optimistic. Please just don't feed the negativity; feel it with support if you'd like, and let that bring you a little closer to neutral. That's it right now. Please trust me in this.

I see you.

I accept you.

I love you.

I am here with you.

A reminder that served me...

A lot of people experience suicidal feelings, and a lot of people don't.

》19.3% of people have experienced suicide-related behaviours.

[ thoughts (12%) / plans (4.2%) / attempts (3.1%) in their lifetime. *Estimates from death tolls for populations of 15+ years old, from Statistics Canada 2017-2019. ]

》Do I think that's likely an inaccurately low estimate? Yes, I do.

Talk Suicide Canada

- Call 1-833-456-4566

- Text 45645

Side note... this picture is from 7+ years ago. I am not sure why this is the picture of choice for this post, but maybe one day I will know.

What I've learned in the making of this post...

"In April 2013, Amy Bleuel took to social media with an idea. Anyone who had ever struggled with a mental illness would draw a semicolon on their wrist and post a photo. A semicolon symbolized that a sentence wasn’t over yet, and neither was their life.

The tagline was: Your story isn’t over."

The Semicolon

- symbolic of our lives and how we choose to carry on.

The Semicolon Trinity

- mark of meaning for hope, celebrating another year of moving forward.

The Semicolon Sol Invictus

- stands for the zenith sun that wipes away all darkness, and serves as a beacon of hope that the future is certain, even if difficult times arise.

Reminders if you know someone experiencing suicidal feelings...

• You simply being there for someone does more than you might know. (Even if you're far away and only send a heart or a short message every now and then.)

• Please care for yourself like you may wish / have wished they cared for themselves.

• You cannot make their decision for them, and whatever they decide is their choice, not your fault/gift.

• This world also needs you to be you.


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