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Practice | Discovering your yes and no.

What does your yes feel like? And your no?

Here is a practice I find beneficial when it comes time to decide - whether it's to take a course, book a session, work with a coach, go on an adventure, or none of the above. You intuitively know and my intention for this practice is to offer support in building that trust within yourself, as it has offered that for me.


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Join me as we connect within and welcome in guidance for what our yes's and no's are, what serves us and what does not.

Practice (1:50 - 12:48):

1. Connect within, breathing deep and acknowledging the current state and sensations within your body.

2. Make a statement / ask a question that has a clear 'yes' as its response / answer.

i.e. My name is Allison. I love ice cream. I am in Edmonton.

3. Come back to your breath, acknowledging your body in its current state before proceeding.

4. Make a statement / ask yourself a question that has a distinct 'no' as its response / answer.

i.e. My name is Bob. I love olives. I am in Red Deer.

5. Breathe deeply again, taking a moment to acknowledge the differences between what a 'yes' feels like to you and how a 'no' feels.

6. Make a 'yes' statement / question to close off the session in that vibration.

7. Fully inhale, hold, completely exhale, hold, and continue to breathe in the way that serves you.

Thank you, for making this time for you.

Plus, a song of support.


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