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When you can't sleep. 💫

When you can't sleep, let those dreams flow to paper. 💫 And let that love in too. 💗

🎶 Where Are You Christmas - Faith Hill  🎶

Come back home my love, come back home.

...if you've experienced those moments where you're searching outside of yourself for that tenderness, for those nurturing sensations, perhaps desiring to feel seen... heard... accepted... understood... loved... I welcome you to come back home, to the place you've known all along; the sanctuary of your human form.

What I share is as much for me as it might be for you, as I'm reminded to journey back home to myself consistently throughout my days, especially in this moment. The moment when it seems I become increasingly awake, whether I'm journaling, reading, researching or developing, yet a moment when signing onto my computer feels like it would block this flow... that the magic comes through when I put my pen to paper and let my mind take me on a wonderful journey of insights and ideas.

Reflections continue... boundaries... addiction... exploration... grounding... deepest knowing... surrendering and trusting what's needed most, in this moment only...

✨️ Dear soul, I wish you the sweetest dreams, whether awake or asleep or somewhere in between, and an even sweeter integration of all that comes through. You're radiant, and you make this world a better place. 😘


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