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Farewell Canmore | What happened and what's next?

Cacao & Connection

If you'd like, click play and join me with your cacao, a sacred, grounding, heart opening plant medicine rich in antioxidants, iron, magnesium and so much more.

Join me in trusting and surrendering to all that's to come, all that's even more magical than what has been imagined.

P.S. The sound quality improves within 2 minutes.



Decision time.

To stay or to go...

I thought I'd stay in Canmore for a little while longer, I expressed that I would, but there seems to be something else in store. A week after making that decision we received notice that the owner's intend to move back into where we're staying, so as we're all needing to go our separate ways it was time for me to find a new place. As I searched I found few and far between, and no options that were aligning with my needs... so decision time came again. It was time to give my notice that I'd be leaving my practice in Canmore due to the housing circumstances, and just as quicky as I gave that notice, more places became available, still none that were aligning with my needs, although some that I may have been able to "make work".

I'm not about to settle in long-term to "make something work" though, are you?

So back to trusting I go. Trusting the guidance I'm receiving from wherever it is coming from. Trusting that there is something even better, more magical, more aligned for me that allows me to support healing on even deeper levels, especially for my being. Trusting that this same trust has got me to where I am now so it's safe to keep trusting it, although logistically it may not look ideal, I've had some impeccable experiences and connections along the way, and I'm more than happy to have more of those.

What's next?

I only have a temporary answer to that question... although, is it all temporary anyways?

Edmonton, Alberta until October 31st, 2022. I will go practice in the Edmonton area for the short term until the end of October because, after that date, the complex I'll be in is scheduled to be torn down due to their development plans in association with the LRT.

In the beginning of November I'll head to Vancouver for a conference, enhancing my knowledge so I am able to improve as a facilitator, as a guide, in healing retreats.

Following that, I feel called to travel somewhere out there, out of this country, on a plane to a far off place. Will it be Costa Rica? Nicaragua? Bali? Peru? Greece? Thailand? I honestly have no idea, but trust that it will present itself to me and all will flow with great ease. (I welcome your ideas too as that may be how it presents itself to me, so thank you in advance dear soul.)

Then I'm back in Canada early December to attend a practitioner's retreat in B.C., developing my practice even further to be able to help you optimize your healing, and always, in turn, helping me do the same.

Then what? I don't have answers to that. Maybe be a gypsy soul, traveling around the world holding space at retreats, venturing into the wilderness to come back out again even more free, more vibrant, more rich with life.

What I do know is that I love to feel alive, to immerse myself in this human experience, the peaks and valleys in this journey of life. So with that, I hold awareness to come back to play, to take a moment to acknowledge when something feels resistant, weighted, heavy, and that in that moment I do not need to shift it if I'm not ready and able to, but to acknowledge that staying in that state will only manifest more of that. I know that I do not want more of that.

So, to play, to creativity, to feeling sexy, fiery, fully alive, to enjoying the sensations that run through my entire being, and to come back to my body as it is my home, my safe place, my sanctuary, and as much as it needs me to give back to it, it only desires, and it needs, to give to me.

Cheers beauty, to you, and to play.


If you'd love a treatment, I would absolutely love to treat you, in Edmonton, in your home, and / or at your next retreat. Book some well deserved time for yourself here.


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