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Fear. Flight. Faith.

Fear, to flight, to faith as I board flight 3 of 3 to Bali.


The potential of walking out of the airport and not getting on any of these flights... to sit there scared but board anyways, to come back to gratitude and having faith that Bali is where I'm meant to be while flying high in the sky...



Now the excitement builds. This flight has a different feel, different than any other up until this point. It's spacious, it's comfy, and it's happening.

The shift from fear to excitement began partway through my first flight, when I was up in the air and the travel was out of my control. I had made the decision to go to Bali, and there was no seamless way of turning back now so I was in.

Gratitude came through. Grateful that:

• it is actually happening, someway somehow.

• the weather has been kind to me so I can walk in my maxi dress, sandals with socks and not become frozen.

• I have everything I need, I hope.

• the airport's preparedness helps mitigate potential challenges of my lack of preparation.

• I have wonderful support systems in all facets.

• my feet have seemed to fair well throughout these travels.

• everyone I have interacted with has been lovely.

• my ability and willingness to choose to be open to what's to come.

• Celebration cookie snack on my first flight that reminded me of the "life is a celebration journey" conversations that arose over the weekend.

• I can still offer support while I'm away while still making time for me to just be.

• what's aligned comes through much quicker now, and what's not dissipates almost instantaneously.

• 'The Pattern' app's support with divine timing.

• you have chosen to join me here.

Now I'll play the playlist from the day I actually booked my flight to Bali which supported me in feeling like this is actually where I needed to go, and save this to post in 5.5+ hours after I land in Bali.

Now the pictures of Bali itself... those shall come soon. 💛


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