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Why I Became An RMT

Why I Became An RMT

I am a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and I absolutely love what I do.

When and why did I choose massage therapy? I have been asked these questions so many times.

When: Grade 9. It just came to me. I thought about massage therapy as a career and it was quite intriguing. I did not know much at all about it nor had I ever had a professional massage before but the idea stuck with me all throughout High School.

Before I graduated, I did job shadows to learn more about experiences of RMTs and any recommendations they may have regarding pursuing a career in this area of the health care field. I was recommended to receive massage therapy treatments for first hand experience and to make notes of preferences I had during the treatment. I was also recommended to attend an introduction to massage therapy workshop to see if I truly enjoyed it before investing in post-secondary education. I completed both recommendations and remained set on becoming a RMT.

I enrolled in the Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Program at Makami College Inc. immediately after graduating high school, became an RMT, and have been practicing for 4+ years.

Why: I chose massage therapy for multiple reasons:

- I love learning about the body and how everything works together

- it is a career with many options as far as travelling and having your own business

- it is incredibly rewarding to help people and this career makes that possible

Why I love what I do:

I love being an RMT because I love being able to help people. I love being able to work with the muscles and tissues of the body to ease pain / discomfort / stress, to help clients improve their quality of life.

I love educating my clients on what I have found during the treatment and providing them with a realistic treatment plan including the reality of what is truly needed to see improvements. I love being able to customize treatments and continually improve my practice to better meet the needs of varying client conditions.

I love that every RMT is different in their approach and style which allows me to have a unique treatment incomparable to anyone else's.

I love learning more about the body and different treatment options; there are so many different modalities that can be offered alongside massage therapy.

I love the peace in my massage room. I love that I can make it my own and that it is a safe place for all, a place to be away from the world and leave all stresses behind.

Thank you for joining me to read this today. I absolutely love what I do and I hope you have enjoyed all of your experiences. If you haven't been for a massage therapy treatment I highly recommend you book an appointment sooner rather than later. Remember, every RMT is different and every client has their own preference. I've seen clients beyond 60 years of age who have seen me for their first ever massage and wish they didn't wait so long to try it.

We don't know what we don't know. Try it for yourself. Take your first step to achieve a 'heier' quality of life.

With health and happiness,

Allison Heier

Owner / RMT

Heier Massage Therapy

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