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Monthly Support

•  Daily Messaging Access for Support (Text / Voice | Monday - Friday)

•  Option for Weekly 30 Minute Calls (Video / Phone)

Daily Messages Only   $100/Month

Daily Messages and Weekly Calls   $150/Month

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Fuel Your 4 Bodies

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Feeling stuck? Like there's one thing you really want to sort through or that you want to take some time for yourself to feel like you again?


This 90 minute session is for you! It's like a sample of my coaching program, helping you understand why this challenge is coming up, what's truly rooted in it, and how you can overcome it while being supported in the process.

It's time to welcome in awareness, compassion and empowerment.

Empowerment Session   $90

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Daily Habits for a Divine Life

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Signature Coaching Program

Come back to your light, to the true essence of who you are and how you wish to live.


My purpose here is to hold space for you, to be present with you, and explore the 4 essentials in understanding the life you have and mastering the life you want.

Online Program

3 Month Accelerated:   Weekly 2 Hour Sessions         Investment:   $5000 or $1700/Month

6 Month Program:         Weekly 1 Hour Sessions         Investment:   $5000 or $850/Month

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