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Coaching Program

  • Are you tired?

  • Feeling like you're always giving so much and getting nothing in return?

  • Like you listen to everyone else's challenges but no one actually cares to hear yours?

  • Feeling like you're going through the same motions, day in and day out, and not getting ahead?

  • Wondering what the point of all of this is?

  • Feeling like there's not enough time in the day?

  • Like there are so many things you want to do but you just aren't able to do them?

  • Feeling like you're always taking care of everyone else?

  • Like no one actually understands you?

  • Feeling like you're all alone in this world?

If you answered yes to any of those, this is for you.

Welcome to your next chapter in this wonderful life.

I am here to offer guidance through your journey of coming back to your light and helping it shine brighter, to support you in feeling truly alive again, to living a life on purpose, and living a life you love even more than you already do.

You deserve the best, not ever anything less, and my purpose here is to hold space for you, to be present with you, and explore the 4 essentials in mastering these 6 aspects of life.

Personal Growth

Career | Business




Life Purpose

The 4 Essentials We'll Explore

Stress Storm

It's important to understand what's getting in the way. Here, we dive deeper into what's behind the chaos and self-sabotaging behaviours.

Values & Goals

What do you really want? We'll get clarity on that and how your goals align with what matters to you most in life as this is essential for your habits to be sustainable and your life to be truly enjoyable.


You must believe to achieve. This is where we make the time to ensure you feel confident in achieving a life you'll love even more, exchanging what is no longer aligned with what supports who you truly are.


You've got this! Your commitment to yourself will be solidified here, leaving you with strategies to master these areas of your life and believe in the brilliant soul that you are.

Coaching Programs

3 Month Accelerated Program

  • Weekly 2 Hour Sessions for 3 Months

  • Holistic Life Balance Assessment

Pay In Full Bonus: 3 Distance Reiki Sessions

6 Month Program

  • Weekly 1 Hour Sessions for 6 Months

  • Holistic Life Balance Assessment

Pay In Full Bonus: 3 Distance Reiki Sessions

Image by Sebastian Unrau

Not sure if this coaching program is right for you?

I welcome you to take this complimentary Life Balance Assessment to reflect on how aligned the different aspects of your life are with your current goals and priorities.

You may also download the PDF version of the Life Balance Assessment by entering your email below.

Click here to download.

Coaching Program Enrollment

Are you ready to live a life on purpose, full of love, light and everything you've dreamed of?


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