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Youth Treatments

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Youth Treatments

•  Massage Therapy  •  Reiki  •  Programs

Massage Therapy:   30 Min.   $60       45 Min.   $80      60 Min.   $95

Reiki:   30 Min.   $60

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Massage Therapy & Reiki

Those under 16 years of age can benefit from Massage Therapy and Reiki treatments too. Booking them a session is especially beneficial in helping them feel safe in a vulnerable setting while supporting them in communicating their boundaries.


Massage Therapy treatments can be done directly on the skin, over the sheet or over clothing.


To help decide the length of time to book reflect on how long the youth would enjoy laying still for and how much surface area there is to be massaged. Please note, a legal guardian must be present for the youth's first treatment.

Book a treatment to help bring them more peace of mind, more relaxation and more confidence in their ability to communicate their needs.

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