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#2 | It matters what you do about how you feel.

Journal Entry #2 | Integration | July 27, 2022 keep posting because if I stop now, I know I likely won't show up here how I need me to when I need me to...

Integration matters. What I do about how I feel and what comes through matters. It's been waves of processing since my last journal entry here, and I've ridden those ways in a variety of ways.

Practices Have Included:

• Zumba on YouTube

• Whim Hoff Breathwork

• Solo Morning Cacao Ceremony

• Dancing to a song that makes me feel sexy.

• Audio Support - a variety of music, talks, and the audiobook 'The Surrender Experiment' by Michael Alan Singer. • Crystal bracelets and running my hand across them to ground and reconnect.

• Agua de Florida - spritzing to feel refreshed, cleared and centered.

• Connecting with lovely souls and allowing myself to be vulnerable.

Awareness Includes:

• Don't say stupid shit.

“If we could just learn how to not be negative, how to not externalize negative, then ultimately that would help them more than ever trying to be told to be positive.” - Trevor Moawad

• Gentle acceptance of the emotions that I'm feeling, and that I'm only emotional about things I care about. (Guidance from Susan David).

Sending love, to myself and to all of you. 💖

*Notes to self:

- Mic test angles I can turn my head to keep quality sound.

- Do my best to keep the wind from hitting the mic.

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