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#2 | It matters what you do about how you feel. keep posting because if I stop now, I know I likely won't show up here how I need me to when I need me to...

Integration matters. What I do about how I feel and what comes through matters. It's been waves of processing since my last journal entry here, and I've ridden those ways in a variety of ways.

Practices Have Included:

• Zumba on YouTube

• Whim Hoff Breathwork

• Solo Morning Cacao Ceremony

• Dancing to a song that makes me feel sexy.

• Audio Support - a variety of music, talks, and the audiobook 'The Surrender Experiment' by Michael Alan Singer. • Crystal bracelets and running my hand across them to ground and reconnect.

• Agua de Florida - spritzing to feel refreshed, cleared and centered.

• Connecting with lovely souls and allowing myself to be vulnerable.

Awareness Includes:

• Don't say stupid shit.

• Gentle acceptance of the emotions that I'm feeling, and that I'm only emotional about things I care about. (Guidance from Susan David).

Sending love, to myself and to all of you. 💖

*Notes to self:

- Mic test angles I can turn my head to keep quality sound.

- Do my best to keep the wind from hitting the mic.


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