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Ep. 5 | Integration is Essential

It's not just about the experience, the journey, the trip... it's how you keep yourself open to what serves you in the moments that follow, and how you nurture yourself in everything that's unfolding.

I thought I was golden. Slept for 9 hours the day I got back after sleeping so much on the flights back home... now I feel it, more than ever, the demand to ebb and flow with the energy my body is willing to expend, and remain open to everything that's coming through for me now that everything's been shaken up. Integration is essential, for if I don't stay aware of its importance, I may lose sight of everything that's unfolded, where I am, and just how far I've really come.

How far I've come meaning how much more true to myself I choose to be, beyond what I remember ever being before.

Songs of Support:

Duration: 14:05


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