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And so begins the journey to Bali with frostbit toes...

I appreciate all of you, all of your excitement, all of your support, all of your words of encouragement.

With minutes to go before I board the first of 3 flights to get me to Bali, I take this moment to release... well, like they did for my toes, begin the release... of the fear that's been building since I left my sister and brother-in-law's house this afternoon. boarded... and as I walked up to the plane the tears increased... and as I sit here in 19C, I realized I forgot my eye mask which would shelter those tears so well right now.

I'm afraid. I'm afraid of everything I'm leaving behind, everything that is unknown... now it's the point of so many tears it's getting harder to see my phone... what's the balance between letting yourself feel everything that's coming through in a plane of strangers, and deep breathing trying to hold it in until you think no one will notice?

...this is the start... of acknowledging the fear because I'm not yet in a space to transmute it to excitement...

I know the fear is here because I don't think I've ever chosen to put myself so far out of my comfort zone... this is where great expansion and growth happens, I know that, I believe that.

That's all for now. In the midst of supporting you and your healing... I go through my own trenches and peaks too, and for me, that vulnerability supports me in showing up the best I can for you.

Thank you, and love to all of you.


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