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#3 | Let Love In, Courageously

Guiding a session rooted in letting love in has opened up that practice for myself this week to an even deeper level. It's brought to light my hesitation and challenge in shifting from "giving" to "receiving", finding it much more apparent when I shift from my heart to my head in those moments and how to bring myself back down.

Coming back to my heart through:

  • Intention

  • Breath

  • Connecting with my body.

I honour the courage it takes to be open to receive love, acknowledging that it is not up to me to figure out how it will come through, rather, to be open to receive it as it does.

Welcoming in greater awareness to the practices of moving from...

  • Head to Heart

  • Conditional to Unconditional

  • Attachment to Connection

  • Fear to Love

Releasing expectations.

Gifting myself space and grace.

To me, to you, and to everyone - I love you.


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