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Reiki Treatments

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Reiki is a form of energy healing that guides the ‘universal life’ (rei) force ‘energy’ (ki) to the recipient, replacing the old energy which is removed when it no longer serves them. This practice helps balance the energies in the body, bringing it closer to its natural frequency which allows for healing on all levels.


The practitioner’s hands are placed above the body or gently on it to help channel Reiki. It can be used to promote relaxation, ease discomfort and help one receive answers to what they’ve been searching for. Put simply, Reiki is used for whatever it is you are needing in that moment.


You are in control during a Reiki session. The wisdom of your being shares where it needs healing and the steps it’s ready to take/messages it’s ready to receive. Reiki will go where you need it most.

In Person:          30 Min.   $60    60 Min.   $95

Distance:           60 Min.   $65    

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