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Recommended Reads

It is highly recommended that you read the first 6 books in order, with the exception that you may read 'The Universe Has Your Back' first if you are called to.

The foundation this material creates is incredible and life changing if you allow it to be.

You deserve your best life, and if you're in pain or are suffering this is not your best life yet. There is hope. There are solutions.


You have my support in this beautiful, magical journey that's calling for you.

The Four Agreements.jpg

The Four Agreements

1. Be Impeccable with Your Word

2. Don't Take Anything Personally

3. Don't Make Assumptions

4. Always Do Your Best

The Fifth Agreement.jpg

The Fifth Agreement

5. Be Skeptical, But Learn to Listen

The Mastery of Love.jpg

The Mastery of Love

Be aware of what you really are and become a spiritual warrior. You'll master transformation, awareness and love and act in ways that can only produce happiness.

The Universe Has Your Back.jpg

The Universe Has Your Back

This is a great book if you're wondering if something is a "coincidence" and becoming more open to the signs coming your way. Just starting your spiritual journey or feeling lost in your journey so far? This book is for you!

The Voice of Knowledge.jpg

The Voice of Knowledge

Discover the silent voice of our integrity and find inner peace.

A New Earth.jpg

A New Earth

Have you heard of the pain body? Know that moment when you rage or get stuck in negative thoughts and you don't know why but what you do know is that it's NOT you? You're going to want to read this and become more familiar with that sneaky pain body and the shifts this book has influenced to create a new earth.

Feel free to read the books below in whatever order you are called to.

Healing is the New High.jpg

Healing Is The New High

Highly recommend this book for trauma healing. It has wonderful, easy to follow exercises and great insight.

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Reader's Choice

What's your favourite book?

Think Like a Monk.jpg

Think Like A Monk

This book is great at helping guide you through what matters most to you and what is ultimately the greatest purpose of all - service.

Stop Self-Sabotage.jpg

Stop Self-Sabotage

We all know this one very well. This book gives very effective strategies so you can truly overcome self-sabotage.

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