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Reclaim Your Life


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Our online signature program is here to get you results in less than 64 days using our
4R Healing System.

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When you make this investment you get access to:

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Our Signature Online Program

Access to our online program that you're able to complete at your own pace. It consists of 4 easy-to-follow modules in a very strategic order.

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Weekly Group Coaching Calls

A 1 hour group coaching call every week, helping bring you even more clarity, support and guidance.

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Exclusive Facebook Community

Access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can ask questions daily, improve accountability to your health mission, and receive continued support from me and the fellow wonderful souls joining you.

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Reiki - Energy Healing and Intuitive Guidance

2 healing sessions to enhance your success (1 if paying via the payment plan).

Our digestive system is meant to flow, the less it does the more energetic stagnation there will be. This is where we resolve that, guiding your body closer to homeostasis and welcoming insight to optimize your healing journey. 

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Personal Health Consultation

This session will help us discover your personal needs and customize your healing journey to be as effective as possible and as strategic as it can be so that no matter what your day looks like, your time for healing can still be enjoyed. This will be further supported by connecting with your spiritual team to get complete clarity on what's truly going on for you.

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Why 64 Days?

To ensure the life you have reclaimed is everything you've been longing for.

These 64 days provide your body necessary time for healing / relearning as I provide you with all the support you need in determining where the next path on your journey leads and how to venture down it with great ease and success.

That's not the only reason though. We've all heard that "it takes 21 days to form a new habit", but what if we have a habit we need to break first before we can truly integrate that new habit? 

That's where the timeline may vary. There's healing to be done on all levels, that's why you're here, and although you are magnificent, it may take longer than 21 days to resolve the root cause of your health challenges and transform any habits currently accustomed to living around those challenges.

There is hope though! It is very possible to have incredible symptom relief in less than 21 days. 

This program is designed so you have my support for 64 days as I help guide you through the challenges of finding answers, the right doctors and practitioners for you, and the transformation of making your life the one you've been longing for.

This is an investment in your healing journey that takes you beyond the physical pain in order to resolve it. Here, you will feel heard, supported, and understood.

If you'll let it, our community will be your safe space.

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What's included in the modules:

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Module 1: Intention Setting For Your Health

To have the greatest success, it's vital to know where you are now and where you're going. Here is where we lay out what you really want, why you really want it and how you'll get it.

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Module 2: Building Your Foundation

In this module we truly lay out the foundation to understand what IBS/SIBO really are, what's happening in your body and all of the strategies that will help get you to the root of your health challenges and reclaim your life, including a strengthening the connection with your intuition.

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Module 3: Reflect and Release

It has been quite the journey! It's now time to reflect on it and release all that no longer serves you. There's no going back to the previous way of living now! You've been longing for days like this for far too long.

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Module 4: Revitalize and Redefine

Are you ready to take your power back, feel energized and enjoy the transformation into your ideal way of life? Then this is exactly where you're meant to be.

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