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Profound experiences occur, and I am here to support you in preparing for and integrating them. They may come during a spiritual healing retreat, a psychedelic medicine journey, a traumatic life event, a magical experience, and in so many other ways.


What remains constant in all though is the power of preparation and integration.



Set and setting are key, what you bring to an experience greatly impacts what you get out of it. I am here to guide you in becoming clear on your intention and cultivating a strong foundation to help you navigate anything that may come your way.


Doing the same thing will lead to the same results. You deserve to live an optimal life, and I am here to help you make the most of everything you've gone through, reflecting on realistic ways to integrate what's revealed itself to you.


What you'll get in each preparation and / or integration program:

  • Continuous support with the option of daily messages.
  • 3 Zoom / phone calls (30 - 60 minutes long); one call per week for 3 weeks.
  • Weekly activities customized to support your unique journey.





E-transfer to is preferred but you may pay by card online as well.

Spiritual Experience Support | Preparation & Integration Coaching

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