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Monthly Treatment Giveaway

In Person:
90 Minute Healing Session
(Massage Therapy and Reiki)


90 Minute Healing Session
(Reiki and Intuitive Guidance)

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Who This IS For:

  • Any and every one!

  • New, present, and past clients.

  • Those who have benefits that cover treatments and those who do not.

  • Those with an abundance of financial funds available for these treatments, just the right amount, and not quite enough.

  • Those who know they need this, those who are uncertain if they deserve it, and those who are hesitant to put themselves first.

  • Those that I may know personally and professionally, only professionally, only personally, or not at all.

  • Those who have entered this giveaway previously, received the free treatment, or experienced neither.

  • Human beings and animals.

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Who This Is NOT For:

  • Those not wanting to live their best life.

  • Those not open to healing and releasing what no longer serves their highest good.

  • Those who are unwilling to have love and compassion for themselves.

  • Those who are not open to the powerful results that come with supporting one's energy.

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Guidelines to Enter

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Nominate Yourself, Someone Else, or Both!

You may nominate yourself to receive this free treatment, someone you care about, or both! You may submit as many nominations as you want, and even ask others to nominate you if you'd like. I request that you only nominate each person/animal once though per month, but many different people may nominate that same person/animal. You're welcome to submit a nomination for yourself and them again every month though!

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Deadline for Submissions

All nominations must be made by 11:59PM MST on the 27th day of the month.

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How the Winner Will Be Chosen

The winner will be chosen intuitively and contacted via email or text message by the end of day on the 1st day of the month following the nominations. (I.e. Submissions made in August will be for the free treatment available for September and the winner would then be contacted by the end of day on September 1st.)

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Free Treatment Booking

Time sneaks away so quickly and life certainly does get busy. To help ensure you don't miss your free treatment, it must be booked within the first week of the month for any date or time that month. (I.e. Winner for September must book their appointment by September 7th @ 11:59PM MST for any date between September 1st - 30th.)

*Failure to book within this time frame voids your free treatment.

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Nominate Away

You can submit nominations all day long, including submitting for yourself even if you've just received your free treatment! Any nominations made after the 27th of the month will automatically go towards the next free treatment giveaway.

*There must be a minimum of 10 total nominations for this giveaway for the draw to be made for that month.

Image by Neven Krcmarek
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