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Intuitive Guidance

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Intuitive Guidance

This is what you've been waiting for to get the answers you've been searching for, receive guidance on what it is you're needing to work on, what's ready to be healed, and what you need to do next.

30 Min.   $30    60 Min.   $60 

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Monthly Reading:
What's In Store For You This Month

Your Month's Missions and Messages

Receive clarity on what's coming your way this month, what your mission for each week will be, and what you need to be mindful of so you can handle any challenges with grace and ease.

Monthly Reading   $50

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Image by Debby Hudson

Mini Reading

Receive a message of support, of whatever it is you need to hear today, channeled intuitively to be specific for you and what serves your highest good.

Email Version   $10

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