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Healing Sessions

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Healing Sessions

Begin this session with Reiki to bring you balance and awareness, creating more openness to the benefits of the Massage Therapy treatment that follows. To close this session there will be intuitive guidance on what has come through and any areas that are needing extra attention to aid in healing along with effective self-care strategies. 

90 Min.   $130   2 Hour   $175   2.5 Hour   $240   3 Hour   $300   

Eligible for Direct Billing

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Healing Day

Enjoy a full day that's all about you and supporting you in your healing. This day will include only the modalities that you're called to (massage therapy, Reiki, coaching with intuitive guidance) while we uncover what's creating the resistance in your healing journey and what parts of it are calling for your surrender. We'll talk, we'll utilize the modalities you choose, and we'll work through all that we need to, helping you feel supported, empowered and trusting of the integrations as they continue to occur.

6 Hours   $500   Option for me to travel to your home for an additional $100.

*Not eligible for direct billing.

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