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Fuel Your 4 Bodies

March 31, 2021

7:00PM - 8:30PM

Investment: $27

Release what no longer serves your highest good and develop a clear understanding of what you truly need.

This online session will begin with a Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Clearing to identify and release what no longer serves our highest good, clearing past, present and future lives collectively.

This healing will be followed by an exploration into our 4 bodies, what they need and how to tell if they’re balanced.

You will leave this session cleared, informed and with a personalized plan of what you need to do every day to live your best life that aligns with the amount of time you are ready to commit for taking care of you.

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More Information:

What is Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and Collective Clearing?


SRT is a Spiritual healing method that gives direct access to one’s High Self through a series of charts that lead to identifying and releasing any accumulated discordant energies, blocks, and negative subconscious mind programs from your past, present and even future lives. Once clear your soul is free to move into its full expression of joy, prosperity, love, abundance, confidence and so much more!  

In this setting High Self will be clearing as a Collective. While individual sessions are important, we must also honor the benefits of the collective awakening. There are dimensions of self that a person might never experience on their own. Not just dimensions of we, but dimensions of you that can only come into existence in a higher growth of the awakening collective.  


And if that wasn’t enough our collective clearing will rapidly accelerate YOUR individual awakening!  

What are the 4 bodies?

 Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spirtual. We'll uncover everything you want to know about them in our class, including why and how to fuel them.

Would you like to feel supported on another level entirely and get any dormant energy moving? If so, there's 2 incredible online events leading up to Fuel Your 4 Bodies.  Join all 3 and save $15!

Meet Your Guides + Angels w/ SRT Clearing


We all have a team of guides and angels here to support us on our journey.  


During this class you will learn:  

• Who your guides and angels are 

• How they communicate with you 

• How to connect with them 


We'll end the class with a guided meditation to meet your guides and guardian angels.  


When: March 18, 2021 at 7PM / MST 

Where: Zoom (Recording will be available after)  
Investment: $40

To book please visit  


Kundalini Yoga w/ SRT Clearing 

Join Samantha for Kundalini Yoga using ancient methods to tap into the dormant energy in the physical and energetic bodies of your being! This will bring you into better alignment with your highest truth.  


Come with an open mind and open heart to meet yourself exactly where you are at. No need to have any prior experience in yoga. 


Below is a link to read more about the practice 



When: March 24, 2021 at 7PM / MST

Where: Zoom  

Investment: $27 


To book please send an email to  

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