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Deciphered Diagnosis/Discomfort
What Yours Really Means

Image by National Cancer Institute
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Let's take your diagnosis / discomfort to a deeper level, truly understanding why it's here and what it's needing to heal.

Investment: $100

What's Included:
Intuitive Clarity: 60 Minute Online Session
22 Days Of: Accountability, Support, and Reiki​

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How We'll Dig Deep:
Getting You Clarity and Optimizing Your Healing

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You'll receive a reflection questionnaire to help me understand where you are on your journey, ensuring that our session is as efficient and effective as possible.

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Intuitive Clarity

I'll reflect on what you've shared and connect with your energy to receive clarity on:

  • What's allowed this discomfort/diagnosis to occur.

  • What's preventing it from healing.

  • What will be most effective in helping it heal.

  • What message it has to share.

We'll then share 60 Minutes discussing everything that has come through and designing a realistic, enjoyable plan to help encompass any healing strategies into your day-to-day life.

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Distance Reiki

Help your body return to its natural frequency which is optimal for healing. This form of energy healing helps clear any energy that isn't serving your highest good and welcomes in Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy) to help balance your energy centers, supporting the alleviation of your diagnosis / discomfort. 

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Continued Support

It takes time for the energy to integrate, and for any new strategies to become part of your daily practice. You'll receive access to our accountability program where you'll receive:

  • 22 Days of Reflection - Sharing your progress daily on completing your self-care.

  • 22 Days of Support - Receive a message daily to support you on your healing journey.

  • 22 Days of Reiki - Receive a pocket full of Reiki daily to help optimize your healing.

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