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Who We Are

Your Safe Space

We are the hope brought back to your healing journey.

Our focus is on holistic healing, providing you with clarity and clear direction so you are informed and empowered in your journey. 

We're realistic, we're honest, and we're determined to help you live your best life. Our purpose here is to support you in coming back to who you truly are, to your light, and to help it shine brighter.

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Meet Our Practitioner

Allison Heier
3000 Hour RMT / Reiki Master / Coach

With the unwavering belief that one should not have to settle in this life, Allison strives to help her clients achieve their best life. With 8+ years of experience practicing Massage Therapy, combined with Reiki and Intuitive Coaching, she takes a holistic approach to help you cultivate your ideal life with pain-free physical freedom in a realistic, awareness based way.

In the realm of Massage Therapy, Allison's style uses varying pressure to suite your needs and release residual tension physically and energetically. The goal is for you to feel better and enjoy your treatment too by incorporating breathwork and open communication.

Know that you are safe in her care, that she customizes her treatments to meet your needs and to cultivate an experience that reminds you that you are perfect, whole and supported in all that you are.

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