Stories, photos, and videos!

I am here to share the experience of love.

By bringing myself, and guiding you, from your head to your heart. By connecting with your true essence, your soul, and allowing yourself to feel alive again.


I invite you to connect with me in this vibration. Here are some ways you can:

Enjoy a hand written letter with an intuitive message to you from me from wherever I might be in this world.

A space to be heard, to welcome in healing support, and breathe even deeper.

Request to have a customized retreat or join me in any upcoming spiritual healing retreat listed below.

  • Reach Out

WhatsApp or Telegram is preferred while I am in Bali.



Want a letter from me while I'm in Bali?

Intuitively written just for you and inclusive of any guidance that's coming through for me to share with you.

Written and sent with love, always.

Image by Michael Daniels


Each session and online program, regardless of the duration, has a minimum investment of $11.11. Beyond that, you are welcome to provide the monetary energy exchange that supports the value you hold for your practice and / or for the gift you are sharing with those you love.

The purpose of this is to help support you on your journey and provide you the opportunity to determine how much you value your care.


With love,